What Is ThermoLite?

ThermoLite is a synthetic material made by Invista and is used as an insulator. Due to its great insulating properties, ThermoLite is used in a wide range of sports and outdoor apparel. There are five different styles of ThermoLite that are used to simulate natural insulators.

The five different ThermoLite styles are ThermoLite Active, ThermoLite Extra, ThermoLite Micro, ThermoLite Extreme and ThermoLite Plus. Each style has slightly different properties that make it perform better for certain situations. For example, ThermoLite Micro offers dependable insulating properties in wet or dry conditions and is perfect for wearing over non-waterproof apparel. ThermoLite Extreme clothing offers great durability and warmth, making it perfect to pair with everyday work attire.

Although ThermoLite is best known as an insulator for clothing, it is also used to make other goods, such as sleeping bags. Just like in the clothing, the ThermoLite material that is used to make these products has hollow-core insulators. The main focus of this kind of insulator is to manage moisture. This helps ThermoLite products dry quickly when wet and keep the wearer warm when wet.