What Are Some Theories About How the Earth Was Created?

Theories about the creation of the earth include the theory of special creation, organic evolution and materialistic theory. While special creation believes in the existence of a supreme being who created the earth, organic evolution and materialistic theory believe in the progression of organisms from one state to another.

The theory of special creation argues that God created the earth. Religious texts such as the Quran and the Bible agree that God created the first man and woman. Christians, Muslims and Jews agree that the earth came into being after six days of creation. The biblical narrative shows that after creating man, God breathed life into him before putting him in the Garden of Eden to tend to it. When the man and woman sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, God sent them out of the Garden of Eden.

According to the organic evolution theory, the existence of life on earth dates back to 3.5 billion years. The theory believes in speciation, which hinges on the belief that life occurs slowly and steadily through the course of time, rapidly in starts and stops, or from a static state to another. Based on the theory, organisms changed over time as they inherited traits from their predecessors. These distinguishing traits led to the diversification of living things into what they are today.

Materialistic theory argues that life on earth resulted from gradual chemical or molecular evolution billions of years ago. The theory came to the fore when molecular and evolutionary biologists tried to unearth the mysteries of the structure of DNA, proteins and nucleic acids. Those in favor of the theory believe in the evolution of enzyme function and argue that nucleic acids played in part in the divergence of species.