Which Terrestrial Biome Has the Greatest Diversity of Life?

terrestrial-biome-greatest-diversity-life Credit: Haja Rasambainarivo/Moment/Getty Images

The tropical rainforest biome has the greatest diversity of life of all terrestrial biomes. According to Nature Education, it is estimated that the tropical forest biome contains over half of the terrestrial species on Earth.

Of the 250,000 described species of the vascular plants, approximately 170,000 occur in tropical biomes. The tropical forest biome is comprised of several sub-biomes, including the evergreen rainforest, seasonal deciduous forest, tropical cloud forest and mangrove forest. Tropical forest biomes are located in places centered on the equator. South and Central America contain half of the Earth’s tropical forests. The climate in the tropical rainforest biome has little seasonal variation with high yearly rainfall and relatively constant warm temperatures.