What Does Terraforming the Moon Involve?


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Terraforming the moon is a complicated project that entails providing the moon with a stable atmosphere, adding water to the atmosphere and ensuring the atmosphere is appropriate for humans. While some scientists doubt its feasibility, most agree that it is quite possible in principle.

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The way by which humans could terraform the moon the quickest is probably by capturing one or more icy bodies in the solar system, and then causing it to crash into the moon. It may be necessary for scientists to break up the giant ice ball before impact, depending on its size and velocity. When the icy body collided with the moon, it would release a great deal of energy and water. Additionally, whatever minor compounds present in the body would also be added to the planet. Some scientists have proposed that nuclear warheads could be detonated on the moon’s surface, which would release large quantities of elemental oxygen. These gases would also work to trap heat, thereby raising the moon’s average temperature.

Terraforming has been a popular topic in science fiction for decades, but recently it is generating renewed interest. Terraforming the moon would potentially give humans another place to live, should the Earth’s climate become inhospitable, and it may also allow humans to mine important minerals and elements for use on Earth.

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