How Do You Take a Temperature Without a Thermometer?

People gauge temperature without a thermometer by placing a hand on the sick person's forehead who is suspected of having a fever while another suggested test is the "back of the hand test" in which you put your own hand to your head. However, according to Dr. Rajiv Desai, these are unscientific methods of determining if a person has a fever.

According to Dr. Rajiv Desai, skin temperature from the core of the body when exposed to environmental temperature (such as an air conditioned room) will more than likely deem the hand method futile.

A study where mothers tested the skin temperature method to evaluate their children revealed only a 50 percent accuracy rating. A doctor will be able to detect if you have a fever and be correct approximately eighty percent of the time, according to Dr. Desai. Utilizing a thermometer is the most accurate method to measure temperature whenever a fever in a patient is suspected.