What Are Some Temperate Ocean Plants?

Some temperate ocean plants include brown algae, kelp and seagrasses. Seagrasses grow in both temperate and tropical waters, forming patches called seagrass beds, which resemble carpet.

Seagrasses thrive in a wide variety of water temperatures, including temperate oceans. Although these plants stay submerged under the water, they can only survive in shallow mid-intertidal zones because they have roots and depend on photosynthesis to survive. The water needs to be shallow enough for the sunlight to reach the leaves on the plants beneath the surface of the water.

Brown algae is another type of temperate ocean plant, although it can be found in subpolar regions as well. Brown algae must attach to a substrate or another substance, so it is most often found along shores or in shallow waters.

One type of brown algae is kelp. It is located in cold temperate regions. Two prevalent kelp genera include Macrocystis and Nereocystis, which are found in the Pacific Ocean. These plants grow from 65 to 98 feet tall and can grow from 2 to 50 inches a day. These large stands of kelp are called kelp beds or kelp forests. Kelp forests are distinguished from kelp beds by the presence of canopies.