What Is Teflon's Melting Point?


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The melting point of Teflon is 326.8 degrees Celsius or 620.24 degree Fahrenheit. Teflon is a polymer made up of a large chain of molecules with fluorine. The scientific name of Teflon is tetrafluoroethylene.

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What Is Teflon's Melting Point?
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In 1938, an employee Roy Plunkett working at DuPont discovered Teflon. It went into commercial production in 1946.

It has a high molecular weight and a molecular formula of (C2F4)n where “n” indicates that it is a polymer formed of a long chain of molecules bonded together with a carbon atom.

Teflon does not get wet by water and most other liquids. It offers very little friction. It is not reactive and can be used safely for making non-stick cooking utensils.

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