How Tall Is Mount Vesuvius?

tall-mount-vesuvius Credit: Anik Messier/Moment/Getty Images

Mount Vesuvius is a volcano that is roughly 4,300 feet tall, according to's Ancient/Classical History expert. It is located in Italy, near the Bay of Naples.

Mount Vesuvius is famous for its destruction of Pompeii on August 24 A.D. 79. Thousands lost their lives during this eruption. During that volcanic activity, it also destroyed the cities of Herculaneum and Stabiae. Mount Vesuvius' Pompeii destruction was the first volcanic episode described by a third party, Pliny the Younger. It took until the 18th century before Pompeii and Herculaneum were unburied. Pompeii was under 10 feet of material, while Herculaneum was under 75 feet of ash.