What Are Some Tall-Growing Plants?

What Are Some Tall-Growing Plants?

Some tall-growing plants include hollyhock and common rose mallow. Fast-growing tall plants include red twig dogwood and alternate leaf butterfly bush. All are ideal for providing fast growth to new gardens and landscapes.

Hollyhocks are tall-growing herbaceous perennial plants that grow up to 8 feet in height and 2 feet in width with saucer-shaped blooms in various colors ranging from red to yellow and pink. Hollyhocks prefer well-drained soil and full sun to thrive.

Common rose mallow is a type of woody perennial flower that reaches heights of up to 10 feet and widths of 3 feet. The plant produces flowers up to 8 inches in width in crimson, white or pink colors. The blooms last from summer through fall. The plant requires full sun and moist soil.

Alternate leaf butterfly bush is a fast-growing shrub that grows up to 20 feet in height and 10 feet in width, forming long branches that arch and give way to purple or lilac flowers. The bush’s fragrant blooms grow in dense clusters. The shrub is drought tolerant and thrives in dry and clay soils in full sun to light shade.

Red twig dogwood is a type of deciduous shrub that grows up to 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The shrub has broad, round stems and produces white flowers in the early summer months. It thrives in full to part sun and nearly any type of soil.