Where Is Talc Located?


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Talc is relatively common, and occurs worldwide, including in the United States, China and Europe. Talc serves many uses and is commonly used as an ornamental stone and accessory mineral. It occurs in various physical forms depending on geographic location and duration of time it is has been buried beneath the surface of the Earth.

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Regardless of location, talc is found in the same physical form, which is one of a very soft and malleable mineral. Talc is among the softest of all minerals on Earth and is classified as a one on the Mohs hardness scale.Talc is made primarily of many tiny crystals, which makes it a popular substance.

Crystallized talc occurs in large quantities in the region of Luzenac, France. Luzenac contains many deep deposits of talc and similar minerals, which are mined and polished to a shine upon retrieval for adding to fine jewelry and decorative accessories.

Highly crystallized talc is also found in the regions of Brosso and Lessolo in Italy, while talc pseudomorphs, which are combinations of talc and other minerals, occur in Bavaria, Germany. Other talc pseudomorphs, in the form of Enstatite are found in the area around Telemark in Norway.

In the United States, green-hued talc is found in several deposits in Vermont as well as in the Serpentine belt in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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