What Are Taiwan's Natural Resources?

Taiwan has an array of natural resources, including minerals, aquatic products, vegetation and agriculture. Taiwan is situated near the ocean, which makes it a prime exporter of fish, shellfish and coral. It also contains rich and fertile soils, which support the growth of many crops such as soybeans, corn, rice and other crops.

Taiwan is a province of China and, like its mother nation, it has a diverse geography and topography that support a range of economic activities such as farming, ranching and fishing. Taiwan has a warm and humid climate, which makes it ideal for growing crops year-round. According to the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Taiwan has an abundance of minerals and gems, which are located in mines and deposits throughout the nation. It is a prime exporter of coral and coral products; the coral extracted from Taiwan accounts for 80 percent of the world's production.

Taiwan's climate lends itself well to a wealth of agricultural products such as paddy rice, tea, sugarcane and tropical fruits. Its thick forests provide housing material for citizens, as well as timber and paper products for export.