What Are Some Synthetic Fibers?


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Common synthetic fibers are nylon, modacrylic, olefin, acrylic, polyester and carbon fibers. Specialty synthetic fibers include rayon, vinyon, saran, spandex, vinalon, aramids (also known as nomex, kevlar and twaron), modal, dyneema or spectra, PBI, sulfar, lyocell, PLA, M-5, orlon, zylon, vectran and derclon.

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Synthetic fibers are a type of man-made fibers. They are made entirely from chemicals and are normally stronger than natural and regenerated fibers. Synthetic fibers are often water-resistant and elastic, but this also causes them to be more flammable than natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are non-biodegradable. They may cause allergies and are easily damaged by the sun.

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