How Do You Not Sweat?


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It is not possible to stop sweating completely, but you can take steps to reduce sweat and body odor. Use an antiperspirant on your underarms instead of deodorant, apply baking soda to other sweat-producing areas of the body, and use an absorbent powder designed for the genital area.

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  1. Use an antiperspirant

    Use an antiperspirant on the underarms instead of deodorant, as deodorants reduce odor but do not inhibit sweat. The skin absorbs antiperspirants, which block the production of sweat. For the best results, apply antiperspirant at night before going to bed and again in the morning when you wake up. These are the times when you are least active, and your body absorbs more of the antiperspirant, increasing its effectiveness.

  2. Apply baking soda to other sweat producing areas

    If you sweat from other areas of the body, such as your chest, lower back, the bends of your knees, or your feet, dust baking soda on these areas when you are dry. The baking soda absorbs sweat and prevents odor and irritation.

  3. Use a special powder for sensitive parts

    Do not apply baking soda or antiperspirant to the genital or buttocks areas, as these may cause irritation. Use an absorbent powder that is specifically designed for these areas to help control sweat.

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