Why Is Sustainable Development Important?

Sustainable development is a worthy principle that can be applied at every level of society, as it demands that we meet the needs of our generation without compromising the needs of the next. Sustainable development is fiscally responsible, drives intellectual and technological innovation, and demonstrates humanity's pursuit of excellence.

Whether it's a matter of international public policy, city planning or designing a dream home, sustainable development means catering a project to meet the immediate needs of the current generation while incorporating long-term planning into the design.

Sustainable development makes financial sense. Taking a long-term view on investments of time and money produces more benefit over the life of a project. It is often tempting to choose an inexpensive temporary fix rather than investing more for an innovative permanent solution, as it requires a smaller initial investment. However, striving for solutions that have long-term benefits encourages technological innovation, which drives engineers and entrepreneurs to develop and market technology that is literally next-generation.

Sustainable solutions could change the landscape of fields such as energy policy, health care, transportation and housing. Each of these areas demands attention to address local, immediate needs, but simultaneously each continues to demand attention into the future. Through sustainable development, long-term plans can address both proximal and distal issues in these areas.