What Are Some Surprising Facts About Mitosis?

Remarkable facts about mitosis are that the entire four-stage mitotic process occurs in about one hour and all living cells are continuously undergoing mitosis. Mitosis includes four biological processes, which are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase, as described by Encyclopedia.com.

Living cells undergo mitosis to enable growth and the replacement of worn out cells. The four mitotic processes are continuously repeated by living cells in their specific order without interruption, according to Infoplease. Mitosis is preceded by a process of chromosome dispersion known as interphase. The dispersed chromosomes appear as thin filaments that replicate themselves to form identical chromosome pairs known as chromatids.

During prophase, the two chromatids that are connected at the centromere remain attached, but each contracts to form a nucleolus. At this stage, the nuclear envelope of the cell disappears as spindles begin to form. In plant cells, spindles form without centrioles, while in animal cells, the centrioles separate, as Encyclopedia.com details. This process is followed by metaphase, in which chromosomes collect at a midway plane between the two ends of the cell. This plane marks the section at which the cell divides after the completion of nuclear division.

However, mishaps can occur during the process of mitosis, according to yourgenome. Genetic disorders can result from such mishaps due to the errors they cause.