What Is the Surface of Neptune Made Of?

Unlike other planets, Neptune does not really have a solid surface; it is made up of gases while its interior is made up of a rocky core, which is very hot. Neptune is quite unique since it glows even without sunlight. Most planets shine as a result of sunlight bouncing off of their surface.

The surface of Neptune is made up of a number of gases, including helium, hydrogen and methane. This planet appears blue because of its components, which in this case are gases. However, the planet is exceptionally bright, which is why most scientists believe it is also made up of another unknown substanc.

While some planets can be seen shinning in the dark skies, Neptune can not be seen by the naked eye. One needs to use a telescope in order to view this planet since it is a long distance away. It is the eighth planet from the sun.

Neptune has six rings that are made up of gases and 13 officially confirmed moons. A day on this planet lasts for about 16 hours as opposed to 24 hours on Earth. The conditions on this planet cannot support any form of life as known on Earth.