How Do You Study the Anatomy of Bones in the Leg?


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Different ways to study the bones of the leg are based on the depth of knowledge required and the technique that best matches a person's learning style, but can include flashcards, games, study groups and songs. A combination of multiple techniques provides the greatest opportunities for success, notes Study.com.

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For basic memorization of bone names and locations, it helps to use flashcards and simple games such as ones from Anatomy Arcade. Mnemonic devices such as "Tiger Cubs Need MILC" for the tarsal bones of the ankle work when studying simple and in-depth lists. Creating a song about the leg bones is also effective. Fill-in-the-blank worksheets with or without word banks are helpful when reviewing simple anatomy.

Those with interpersonal strengths may find collaborative study groups helpful, states Synonym.com. Study groups allow for in-depth study, quizzing and encouragement. The bones of the leg may also be studied based on their structure and function. Consider the bones that help with walking, which include the femur, patella, fibula, tibia, tarsals, metatarsals and trochanter. Bones with hinge joints can be compared to those with ball and socket joints, or it can help to study the bones based on their articulations.

Bones may be studied in groups, such as tarsals and metatarsals, or as specific bones, suggests Synonym.com. It is also possible to study the bones based on their location of either proximal, intermediate and distal.

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