What Is Strontium Fluoride?


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Strontium fluoride, also known as strontium(II) fluoride or strontium difluoride, is the strontium(II) salt of the hydrofluoric acid. Its chemical formula is SrF2, and its molar weight is 125.62 grams per mole. Its density is 4.24 grams per cubic centimeter, and its melting point is 1477 degrees Celsius.

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What Is Strontium Fluoride?
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Strontium fluoride is produced from the reaction of fluorine gas with strontium chloride or strontium carbonate with hydrofluoric acid. It is a white crystalline substance and has a very low solubility in water. It is used as an optical material and for the manufacturing of radioisotope thermoelectric generators. It is toxic by ingestion and inhalation and produces rashes in contact with the skin or the eyes.

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