Is Strontium Chromate Soluble?


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Strontium chromate is generally not considered soluble in water, but can be dissolved in dilute acids. Though often stated as being insoluble in water, it is in fact soluble at levels of 0.12 g/100 mL at 15°C and 3 g/100 mL at 100°C. It is extremely hazardous to do so however, and such a solution is toxic to the environment.

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There are two ways to prepare strontium chromate. One is from the reaction of strontium chloride with sodium chromate, and another is by making strontium carbonate react with sodium dichromate. This compound is available as a yellow powder, and it is hazardous to human health when inhaled or ingested. One known use of strontium chromate is for pyrotechnics.

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