What Is Strontium Chlorate?


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According to the Chemical Dictionary strontium chlorate is a moist solid, which is composed of several colorless or white crystals. It can also be a semi-solid slurry of crystals. This chemical compound is classified as a chloric acid and a strontium salt.

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Strontium chlorate can be prepared by heating a solution of strontium hydroxide. To achieve crystallization of the substance, chlorine is added to the strontium hydroxide solution. Strontium chlorate is soluble in dilute alcohol and water. This substance is insoluble in absolute alcohol.

The Chemical Dictionary explains that this chemical compound must be treated as a hazardous material and handled with extreme care. Since strontium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent, this chemical is sensitive to friction and shock. This substance can cause a fire or an explosive reaction. When a fire or explosion occurs, toxic and irritating gases are formed and released. Strontium chlorate is typically used in the manufacture or red fire in tracer bullets, and it is also used as an oxidizing agent in explosives.

Strontium chlorate is also known to decompose when it reaches and passes its melting point. When this chemical decomposes, it emits fumes of hydrogen chloride. These fumes are extremely toxic. Considering the fire hazards and toxic nature of strontium chlorate, this chemical must be handled cautiously, in a laboratory with a chemical-fume hood.

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