Which Is Stronger, an Anaconda or an Alligator?


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An alligator's jaw and bite force is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. However, if an anaconda manages to wrap itself around another animal, it can exert enough pressure to stop its prey's heart and circulation and perhaps dislocate its prey's vertebrate and even break bones.

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The strongest recorded bite of an American alligator is 2,125 pounds of pressure. The anaconda is the most massive snake on Earth, weighing more than 200 pounds and measuring up to 20 feet in length. Both animals share the same hunting tactics, lying beneath the surface of the water waiting to strike. The alligator lunges and clamps its jaw down, making escape as likely as pushing a pick-up truck off one's body. The anaconda charges and coils its body around the prey in an instant, tightening its grip every time the dying animal releases a breath.

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