What Is Storm Chasing Equipment?


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Storm chasing equipment is any equipment used by individuals who track storms and follow them to get close enough to record, investigate, analyze or experience them in a manner that would be impossible from a distance. Some storm chasers adopt a minimalist approach and only need a way to get up close, others use sophisticated equipment such as satellite tracking or vehicle-mounted weather stations.

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The equipment needed when chasing storms depends significantly on the purpose of the chase. For the adventurer who simply wants to be up close to the storm to more fully experience its sublime power, all that is needed is a mode of transportation to keep up and at times catch up to the storm, a few maps or a GPS system to navigate the roads and perhaps a cell phone or radio communication device to contact other storm chasers. Those who seek to record the storm, either with cameras or sensitive meteorological tools, need to prepare more meticulously before the chase begins. Handheld video cameras, for instance, will afford the storm chaser more flexibility and allow him to quickly move out without losing any previously recorded material. Other handheld devices can also measure temperature, dew point and pressure. Anemometers mounted on car roofs can measure exact wind speeds and reveal more exact data about a storm's proximity and power.

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