What Are Some Stores That Sell a Variety of 2016 Calendars?

What Are Some Stores That Sell a Variety of 2016 Calendars?

Calendars.com. Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and Staples are some stores that sell a variety of 2016 calendars. The calendars available from these retailers come in a wide variety of design styles, themes and formats that are both decorative and functional in design.

Calendars.com has numerous different design themes in desk, engagement, mini-wall and full-sized wall calendar formats. Some available theme options include sports, religion, travel, art and pets. The company also has custom calendars available for those who wish to design their own.

Barnes & Noble has a large selection of design themes in many formats with prices ranging from under $5 to over $50, as of 2015. The company's website allows users to search by price, theme and format. Barnes & Noble has several themed calendars with daily changes, including a "Jeopardy" calendar with questions, humorous cartoon calendars with jokes, and a daily runner's calendar where users can enter their workout information.

Amazon.com has many 2016 calendars to choose from as well as collectible calendars from several past years. Some of the themes available include Dilbert, Peanuts, Star Wars and Super Mario Brothers.

Functional business calendars are the main style available at Staples. Several different styles of oversized wall-mounted year-at-a-glance calendars are available, as well as numerous desktop and datebook styles.