How Do You Stop Soil Erosion?

To prevent soil erosion, cover and protect all soil with plants or mulch. For large slopes, install a retaining wall to keep soil in place.

  1. Mulch the space

    In flat areas or moderate slopes, protect soil from wind, rain and snow by keeping the soil mulched well. Add at least 2 inches of wood chips, pine needles or leaves to the top of bare soil to keep precipitation from washing soil away.

  2. Plant seeds in bare soil

    Plant seeds in bare soil that has access to water and sun. A turfgrass such as annual rye protects the soil by putting down roots, holding soil in place. Broadcast seeds according to the sowing rate on the package instructions. For best results, use straw or a seed germination blanket to prevent seeds from washing away, keeping seeds in place until they have germinated. This method can be used on flat land and on moderate slopes.

  3. Build a retaining wall

    For very steep slopes, a retaining wall can be installed to prevent soil erosion. Very complicated or steep slopes may require the expertise of an engineer. Contact your local government agencies to find out if retaining walls in your area require special approval or must meet specific building codes.