How Do You Stop Crying?


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One way to stop yourself from crying at inopportune times is to pinch the bridge of your nose. This is where your tear ducts are located, and pressing on them may help stop the flow of tears. Pinching the skin between your thumb and pointer finger with the opposite hand may also help stop you from crying.

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Crying is a natural emotional response to stress. When you cry, you are releasing emotions and reducing your stress levels. For this reason, many experts do not recommend forcing yourself to stop crying. Instead, they recommend that let yourself cry because crying makes you feel better in the long run. Holding back emotions takes energy and only serves to increase feelings of stress.

Still, there are some situations in which crying is inappropriate. If you absolutely must stop yourself from crying, try pinching your tear ducts. For a more mental approach, try to change your perception of the situation. This potentially eases your emotions and eases or eliminates your need to cry. Remove yourself from the drama that is causing you to cry by distancing yourself either physically or emotionally, such as by thinking about something else. Your tears should subside shortly if you try these approaches.

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