How Do You Stop Coastal Erosion?

While coastal erosion is not completely preventable, the use of retaining walls can help minimize the damage and slow the process. Through the use of man-made walls that line the coastlines, the erosion can be slowed, according to

The problem of coastal erosion is nothing new, but in recent years, it seems to have increased in speed. An example of the magnitude of coastal flooding is the fast erosion of the Louisiana coastline, with a loss of approximately 50 feet of beach annually. As a matter of fact, upwards of 90 percent of beach is affected by coastal erosion in the United States. It is believed that a large part of coastal erosion is the result of global warming. Therefore, in addition to rebuilding beaches and adding ocean walls, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions could be beneficial to decreasing this erosion. Rebuilding beaches and putting in walls in communities that are affected could be very costly at upwards of $65 million or better depending on the area, according to Short of stopping the weather and reducing the number of storms the world sees in a year, the only thing that can really be done is some preventative maintenance, and making an effort to reduce greenhouse gases is the best course of action.