How Do You Stop Blushing?

How Do You Stop Blushing?

Stop blushing by ignoring it and concentrating on breathing to reduce anxiety. A cold drink of water or cold compress may be required to stop the blushing. Since the person must learn to focus and ignore the symptoms that go along with blushing, the process may take several months.

  1. Practice meditation

    Blushing often results from stress or anxiety during social interactions. Nervousness stimulates the hormones and the circulatory system. This causes increased blood flow to the face, neck and ears, resulting in blushing. Meditation techniques such as focusing on your breathing can decrease anxiety, resulting in a decrease in blushing.

  2. Ignore blushing

    If blushing occurs, continue to carry on as if it is not happening. Ignoring the blush often makes it go away, while focusing on it often makes it worse.

  3. Cool down

    Ask for a glass of cold water or a cold compress to lower the body temperature. This constricts the blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the face and the neck.

  4. Forget about any stigma associated with blushing

    Pretend as if blushing has not occurred. Worrying about blushing after it happens often makes it more likely to happen in the future. Extreme anxiety over blushing can result in erythro-phobia, which is a fear of blushing.