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Help with stoichiometry can be found through various university chemistry departments, tutors, online forums and study groups. For example, the University of California, Davis offers an extensive explanation of stoichiometry on its ChemWiki website. The site includes sample equations and solutions, with explanations for how the solutions are derived.

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Stoichiometry is a way of determining the ratio of reactants to products in a chemical reaction. It has been described as math that explains chemistry. It is based on the law of conservation, which holds that reactant mass is equal to product mass. If the amount of reactants is known, the amount of products can also be determined, and vice versa.

Stoicheion in Greek refers to an element, and metron refers to a measure. Stoichiometry is translated as the measure of elements. Understanding the relationship between reactants and products is important in stoichiometry. This requires an understanding of how to balance reactions. Chemical reactions are typically illustrated as chemical equations, with symbols for reactants on the left side of the equation and products on the right. The two sides are separated by arrows indicating the reaction's direction. Balancing an equation requires that each side of the equation has the same number of atoms. Chemical equations use a specific set of symbols, including those demonstrating the state particular substances are in. For example, an "s" indicates that a compound is in a solid state, while an "aq" shows that the material is dissolved in water.

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