How Do You Stimulate Height Growth?


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Several methods can be used to increase height or make the body appear taller. Rest, exercise and hot showers help foster the development of hormones that cause the body to grow, according to MD Health. Good posture makes a person appear taller, and spine-stretching exercises can increase height by 1-2 inches. "Status shoes" contain lifts with insoles that raise the body 1-3 inches.

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How Do You Stimulate Height Growth?
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Most individuals stop growing after about the age of 21, notes MD Health. Therefore, eating a balanced diet that features a wide range of vitamins and nutrients is crucial in both early childhood and adolescent development. Calcium, Vitamin D, protein and zinc enable the body to gain greater bone and muscle mass. A strong immune system, fortified by Vitamin C and other antioxidants, is key to maintaining height. Smoking and drinking can stunt growth development and prevent the body from reaching its potential height.

In some cases, doctors prescribe growth-hormone treatments. Surgery is another option. Surgery can be performed for patients who experience severe problems because of their short statures, according to MD Health. A surgical procedure entails breaking the legs and stretching them apart, which encourages more bone mass to develop during the healing process. Bolts are often implanted for additional support.

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