What State Has the Most Hurricanes?

Florida has the most hurricane landfalls in the United States, with 110 accumulating from 1851 to 2004. Texas is second with 59 over the same span of time, and Louisiana is third with 49. North Carolina is fourth with 46 landfall strikes.

Florida has also suffered the greatest financial losses due to natural catastrophes from 1983 to 2011, with $66.8 billion in losses during this time period. Texas had $48.7 billion in losses over the same span, and Louisiana had $42.2 billion in inflation-adjusted losses.

The entire United States from Texas to Maine has had 273 hurricane landfalls from 1851 to 2004. Financial losses due to natural catastrophes in the U.S. totaled $478.4 billion from 1983 to 2011.