What Stars Make up the Constellation Scorpio?

The named stars of the constellation Scorpius are Antares, Graffias, Dschubba, Sargas, Shaula, Jabbah, Grafias, Alniyat, Alniyat and Lesath. Other objects within the constellation are two globular clusters named M4 and M80, and the open clusters M6 and M7.

Scorpio is a Zodiac sign used in astrology, while Scorpius is the name of the southernmost constellation of the Zodiac. Scorpius, or the Scorpion, lies near the southern horizon in the Northern Hemisphere, though lies closer to the center of the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere. The constellation used to be larger, when the ancient Greeks regarded Libra as the Scorpion's claw. Shaula and Lesath make up the two points on the constellation's stinger. The M4 cluster is located next to Antares, and the M6 and M7 clusters are found near Shaula and Lesath.

Scorpius does not climb high in the sky in the mid-northern latitudes of the United States, rather staying along the horizon. Antares, the constellation's brightest star, can be viewed as far north as Alaska. In mythology, Scorpius' stinger killed Orion the Mighty Hunter, so the gods did not place their constellations near each other. Orion does not come up in the east until after Scorpius sets in the southwest, and vice versa.