What Are Some Standard Sizes for Large Picture Frames?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 25, 2020 1:03:58 PM ET

Common large picture frame sizes include 11x14 inches, 11x17 inches, 24x36 inches, 27x40 inches and 27x41 inches. For poster frames, the dimensions are generally 18x24 inches, 24x36 inches and 27x40 inches.

Frames of 11x14 and 11x17 inches are generally used for miniature posters and for mounted art work in homes. Anything greater than these dimensions requires a larger frame. For art work larger than the standard sizes, it is recommended to present the image without a frame. Posters have different standard sizes. General room poster and decorative poster frames have a standard size of 24x36 inches, as is common with typical dorm room accessories.