Is Spirogyra Unicellular or Multi-Cellular?

A spirogyra is a multi-cellular organism that is also a plant-like protists. It is a filamentous type of green algae found in fresh bodies of water. Its name is derived from its chloroplast that is spiral-shaped.

The cells in Spirogyra are linked together in a chain to form the multi-cellular strands of green algae. The cell walls are made up of an outer layer of cellulose and an inner layer of pectin. The organelles found inside the cells of green algae are the chloroplasts, vacuoles, nucleus and cytoplasm. The filamentous strands can range in width size from 10 to 100 micrometers.

Spirogyra can reproduce either sexually or asexually. This type of green algae tends to reproduce in stagnant freshwater sources during spring time.