How Do Spider Plants Reproduce?

Spider plants can reproduce by seeds, by dividing the plants or by potting up the plantlets. Spider plants possibly get their name from the plantlets that hang from long stolons and look somewhat like spiders.

Though the flowers of the spider plant are insignificant, they will produce seeds enclosed in capsules found on half-inch long stems if they are fertilized.

However, it's far easier to propagate the plant from its plantlets. Ideally, the gardener should wait for the plantlets to develop roots and then be cut from the stolon. The stolon should then be cut back to the parent plant.

The plantlet should be placed in a cup of water that has been allowed to sit for 24 hours or so with its roots in the water and its leaves overhanging the edge of the cup. Water should be changed daily.

In the method that involves potting up, the plantlet should first be placed in a 4-inch pot. The plantlet's roots should be wet and treated with rooting hormone. After that, place the soil in the pot and then dampen the soil around the plant. It should be watered thoroughly to get rid of any air pockets. The plantlet should be kept out of direct sunlight until it's well established.