What Are Some Facts About Spider Plants?


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The spider plant is an evergreen perennial herb native to the African tropics. The scientific name for spider plants is chlorophytum comosum, and these plants posses long, arching foliage. Spider plants grow quickly and produce small white flowers. Spider plants are able to survive with minimal care and are hardy enough to withstand low temperatures.

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Spider plants produce star-shaped flowers that appear in loose clusters along the stems. Spider plants also produce plantlets that grow alongside the flower that may be re-potted to produce new plants. Spider plants possess long leaves and do best when grown in hanging baskets or pots placed off the floor to provide additional growing room. These plants require very little attention, although younger spider plants do best away from direct sunlight.

Browning along the leaf tips is quite common and is often the result of water that contains fluoride, which leads to salt build-ups within the soil. Remove excess salt from soil by flushing plants with distilled water or rainwater before allowing planting soil to drain. Spider plants have become naturalized in many parts of the world. Commonly found as houseplants, spider plants have a positive affect on indoor air quality by reducing pollutants like formaldehyde.

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