What Are Speed and Speed Endurance?

Speed is the ability to reach a high velocity of movement in any given physical activity, according to Sports Fitness Advisor. The website SpeedEndurance defines speed endurance as the ability to maintain near maximal speed for a prolonged amount of time.

Speed endurance training is popular among athletes as a way to improve performance in sports such as football, soccer, hockey and basketball, according to Sports Fitness Advisor. The practiced movement and gradual acceleration used in speed endurance training conditions the neuromuscular system to improve firing patterns, allowing the brain to send signals to the body faster. Two subtypes of speed training exist: assisted and resisted. Assisted training improves overall speed, while resisted speed training improves stride length.

Speed endurance drills allow athletes to maintain higher levels of performance for longer times, increasing their athleticism and helping them improve their overall speed. Speed training also helps counteract problems that athletes face such as lactate build-up, which results in decreased performance and velocity. Long-distance runners also use speed endurance training to further their athletic performance, explains SpeedEndurance. As a whole, speed training and speed endurance training allow athletes to target the individual components of movement that would otherwise hinder their performance.