What Are Spatter Cone Volcanoes?


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Spatter cone volcanoes are created from blobs of lava thrown up from volcanic fissures. These blobs return to earth, pile up and form mounds around a vent. Spatter cones range between 1 and 5 meters high.

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What Are Spatter Cone Volcanoes?
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Volcanoes take their form depending upon the type of lava and the composition of rock it is being forced through. Spatter volcanoes are small compared to other major types including cinder cones, composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes and lava domes.

Cinder cones derive their name from the cinders that are thrown up by the central vent and pile around it. These cinders form the steep sides of the volcano. Composite volcanoes are the largest of all the types. Inactive composite volcanoes form many of Earth's largest mountains. Composed of alternating layers of lava flows, volcanic ash, cinders, blocks and bombs, a composite volcano taps a reservoir of magma deep within the Earth's core, leading to its massive size. Shield volcanoes are much less steeply sloped. Composed entirely of hardened liquid lava flow, shield volcanoes gently slope from a central vent. Lava domes form from very viscous lava that is too thick to flow easily. This lava builds up in bulbous shapes that bulge out from the pressure of the lava underneath.

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