What Are Some Sources for Rock Dust?


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Rock Dust Local and Remineralize the Earth are both good sources of rock dust. Rockdustlocal.com states that it has the finest selection of agricultural minerals in North America. In addition, it is also the first company in North America that specializes in local sourcing and delivery of rock dusts. Rock Dust Local meets or exceeds USDA NOP standards for certified organic production. The products that Rock Dust Local sells are not limited to rock dust.

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The retailers also sell BioChar, organic fertilizers, humates, sea products, inoculants, soil and soil-less media, lightweight aggregates, crop synergists, humic and fulvic acid, liquid concentrates and more. The applications for products sold by Rock Dust Local include agriculture, forestry, land and waste management, composting, biomass energy production, feed optimization and energetics."

In general, rock dust is used for revitalizing depleted or sterile soils. Rock Dust Local has over 50 sources in North America and is expected to expand over time, as of 2015. The sources offered are only in specific regions such as New England, Mid Atlantic, West Coast, Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes. If the region one is looking for is not an option, Rock Dust Local helps the customer locate useful materials in his local area. The company also trans-ships materials from other regions.

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