What Is Something That Changes Colors?

Things that change colors include squid, spiders, chameleons, octopus, several species of fish and hares, seahorses, certain frogs, a leaf-like insect, the peacock flounder and a type of beetle. Many members of the animal kingdom have evolved with an ability to change color as a defense against predators or as part of mating.

The most well-known animal that changes color is the chameleon, a type of lizard. Chameleons comprise 160 species, many with the ability to change their color. Some are able to change to a variety of colors, including brown, yellow, blue, red and orange.

Squid, octopus and another member of their biological class, cuttlefish, also change color as a defense mechanism or to signal to other members of their species. Octopus use specialized pigment cells to change their color to communicate with other octopus or to warn them of nearby predators.

The arctic hare is one of several species of hares that change colors through growing new fur on a seasonal basis. In summer, the hare is brown, while in winter it is white to blend in with the snowy landscape. The “walking leaf” insect of South Asia and Australia looks like foliage and changes its color to match surroundings. The peacock flounder’s hormones signal skin cells to change color within seconds as camouflage or to capture prey. Various of species of spiders change color to sneak up on prey, including bees. The golden tortoise beetle turns red when mating and to scare off predators.