How Does Someone Trap a Fisher Cat?

Fisher cats can be trapped using a cage, a bodygrip or a coil-spring foothold. Cage traps and coil-spring footholds provide an opportunity to catch and release the fisher cat while the bodygrip kills on impact.

Fisher cats are one of the strongest predators in North America and live for up to 10 years. Because of the animal's thick, soft fur, many trappers like to catch the creature. The cats are smart, but there are several different ways that trappers can catch them.

Cage traps allow an option for catch and release, but can be bulky. They do require; however, as a plus can be used in several different climate conditions. Bodygrip traps require the right setup in order to work properly so that the trap snaps the animal's neck on impact. These traps are not good in all areas and do require some bait. Coil-spring foothold traps can be used in baited cubby sets. They also leave the animal alive for catch and release.