How Do Someone Create a Balanced Formula With Na2O?

To balance the chemical formula Na2O, a person must first determine what elements join to create the formula, which in this case would be Na (sodium) and O (oxygen) to create a chemical formula of 2Na + O = Na2O. Once these have been determined, then a person will look to see how they should be added and in this case it is visible that Na2 would be 2 Na and a single O would be a single O.

Endmemo is a website that allows users to input chemical formulas and chemical molecular structures in order to find out how to balance them optimally. This can take some of the guess work out of the process on the user's end. Endmemo gives several possible options for each input.

Na2O is called sodium oxide and is also known as sodium monoxide. When it is combined with water, it reacts strongly and produces the elemental compound sodium hydroxide. It is a white powder and is visible to the naked eye. A balanced formula with Na2O is the 2Na + O = Na2O.

Balanced equations take substances and give the symbols and formulas of each substance involved a particular reaction. To make things equal, a person will need to adjust the number of units on each symbol until they are equal. Another example of a balanced equation including Na would be 2Na + 2H2O = 2NaOH + H2.