How Does Someone Convert 130 Degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius?


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To convert 130 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius, it is necessary to first subtract 32, which equals 98, then multiply by 5, which equals 490, and then divide by 9, which equals 54.44 degree Celsius. Similarly for Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions, one reverses the formula to multiply the Celsius temperature by 9, divide it by 5 and then add 32.

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German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit developed the Fahrenheit scale in the early 1700s. In 1742, the Swedish astronomer Andres Celsius created the Celsius scale after the Fahrenheit scale had already been largely adopted. The Celsius scale had 100 degrees Celsius as the boiling point and 0 Celsius as the freezing point. Many considered the Celsius scale to be more precise than the Fahrenheit scale, so after Celsius' death in 1744, the scale became a new standard.

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