What Are Some Solutions to Poaching?

One of the most effective ways to prevent illegal hunting is employing wildlife guards to find and arrest poachers. Cultural solutions, such as education and employment programs, may help discourage subsistence hunters.

Poaching is a thriving industry due to high market demand for animal products. These include ivory, skins and various animal parts used in traditional healing practices. People living in poverty may occasionally kill protected species for food, but this is less common and not generally a serious threat to animal populations.

Areas that have seen the most success in preventing poaching use a combination of federal guards and high-tech equipment like drones to patrol and protect the wildlife. They provide camps and provisions that allow the guards to travel into remote areas of the parks. This allows the rangers to intercept poachers effectively before any animals are killed. It also acts as a deterrent to future poachers.

International regulation of illegal trade is also important, including stricter shipping controls and regulation of shops that sell illegally obtained animal products. As of 2015, some countries continue to have lax enforcement of international bans on products like ivory.

Education and accessible, modern healthcare may also help eliminate some markets. Rhinos are often hunted for their horns, which are a common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Moving away from these ineffective traditional remedies may help reduce the demand for rhino horn.