What Are Some Solutions to Global Warming?

To combat global warming, people must reduce their energy emissions and start using renewable energy resources instead of depleting fossil fuels. Global warming is a continual rise in the average temperature of the Earth that greatly affects the Earth’s climate and ecosystem.

Global warming is changing the climate at increasing rates due to carbon, nitrogen and fluorine emissions caused by humans. The Union of Concerned Scientists explains that people can combat and slow the pace of global warming by reducing emissions, stopping deforestation and fighting misinformation.

In order to slow the pace of global warming, people should reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Individuals can help by driving less, turning off lights whenever they are not being used, using energy efficient light bulbs and recycling more. People can also pressure politicians to enact laws that make industrial businesses reduce their carbon footprints.

As the Union of Concerned Scientists points out, stopping deforestation can also greatly slow the pace of global warming. Deforestation accounts for approximately 10 percent of the world’s total trapped greenhouse gases. Trees utilize carbon dioxide and put oxygen into the atmosphere.

The Union of Concerned Scientists also encourages people to fight misinformation. Many media outlets, think tanks and special interest groups are funded by the fossil fuel industry to propagate poor information about global warming and make people believe that global warming is a myth. To adequately fight global warming, the public must be informed properly of its harmful effects on the environment and their own health and well-being.