What Is the Best Solution for Land Pollution?

According to eSchoolToday, the best solution for land pollution lies in the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. After following the three Rs, it is advisable to turn any remaining garbage into compost. Pollution leads to contamination of the soil, which contributes to serious health conditions in animals, plants and human beings.

Land pollution solutions that are practiced at home include the purchase of organic food and products, as organic farmers and companies strive to preserve the health of the soil and all living things. It is important to eliminate the use of plastic or use reusable plastic products. People should also reduce general household waste and establish composting system stations. Reducing also involves purchasing products with minimal packaging and using biodegradable household products.

It is important to avoid depositing harmful substances down the drain, as they get into the soil through the water. Outside, homeowners should keep all motorized vehicles properly maintained, enforce and obey anti-litter bylaws and participate in anti-litter campaigns. Using natural fertilizers and organic compost on lawns and gardens, preserving forests and promoting reforestation are ways to prevent land pollution. It is advisable to avoid all chemical use, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on gardens and lawns. Homeowners should recycle, dispose of household waste properly and plant trees. Incentives issued by governments also contribute to reduction of land pollution, as people are motivated to recycle and reuse.