How Is Solar Energy Used Today?

Solar energy is used in a number of ways, such as powering homes, businesses, cities and cars. Solar energy is gaining more popularity because people are becoming more and more aware of its advantages as the technology improves and the price of fossil fuels increases.

Solar energy is derived from the sun with the help of solar panels. Solar energy is usually used to heat a building or house. Heating a building or house requires a lot more power than heating water in a building, so much bigger panels are required. Generally, if solar power is used to heat a building it will also heat the water in the building. In addition to heating, solar energy may be used for cooling. Compared to solar heating, solar cooling is a lot more expensive.

Solar energy can also be converted into electricity. Many appliances are designed to be powered by electricity, so anyone who can generate electricity from the sun can run almost any appliance with solar power.

Of all the uses of solar energy, cars are the least suited to this type of energy. There are electric cars available that are partially driven by solar power, but it is unlikely that solar energy will power the world’s transportation systems in the near future.