Why Is Solar Energy Good?

solar-energy-good Credit: Tim Robberts/Stone/Getty Images

Solar energy offers many advantages, including lower electric bills, increased home value and a decreased carbon footprint. According to SolarWorld-USA, homeowners who install solar panels on their homes save an average of 50 percent off of their electric bills. Using solar energy is also environmentally friendly since it comes directly from the sun and does not produce any harmful waste products.

Solar energy is the largest source of renewable energy in the United States. It is harnessed directly from the sun and used to produce electricity or heat water, meaning that its availability is virtually unlimited. Solar panels in the US generate 3,100 megawatts annually, according to Clean Line Energy Partners, and this production of power helps keep up with the growing energy demands. Solar panels are also an affordable way to harness energy, with prices of installation dropping in the last several years.

Benefits of solar energy are not limited to the homeowner. This source of power is also an environmentally friendly solution for the entire planet. Unlike when non-renewable resources such as coal are burned to generate electricity, relying on solar power for electricity does not produce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. It also does not produce any air or water pollution, so it's a safe choice for the plants and animals that dwell in these habitats.