Why Is Solar Energy Bad?

Disadvantages of solar energy include taking up a lot of space, unsightliness and costing a large amount of money to power buildings. While solar energy has some advantages compared to other power sources, the costs are sometimes not worth the disadvantages.

Because solar energy is still in developmental stages, it is not widely available. This availability makes it somewhat expensive to install. Homeowners can expect to pay thousands of dollars in order to have solar energy installed. This may save some money on energy costs in time, but it often will cost around the same amount as powering a home with more traditional sources.

Solar energy panels are large and can often be unattractive. They can change the entire look of a home and may cause the home's value to become depreciated because of the space they take up. Solar panels can also be installed on roofing, but this can make it difficult to get to the roof for necessary repairs. The panels can also cause serious health issues if the substances inside of them leak out. Lead and cadmium are necessary to power these panels and can be harmful if they are released from the panels.