How Does Softball Relate to Physics?

softball-relate-physics Credit: Krista Long/Moment/Getty Images

According to the University of Sydney, softball is related to physics through hitting and pitching. The University notes that many players are aware of certain physics-related phenomena in softball but do not know much about the physics-related concepts they are using in almost every game.

According to USYD, one physics-related aspect of softball is the "sweet spot" of the softball bat. When the ball hits this area, it severely reduces the shock of impact for the person swinging the bat. This is because it is the area between two vibration nodes. A ball impacting above or below these nodes will excite the opposite node and lead to a feeling of impact, but when the ball hits exactly between the nodes, it excites them at the same amplitude, making the vibration very weak.

Swinging the bat also involves different aspects of physics. USYD writes that the force of the bat can be determined by velocity from center of mass and the torque can be determined from the angle of acceleration. The center of mass also determines the direction of the centripetal force of the swing. The impact of bat and ball can be understood as the bat being a heavy ball whose mass is determined by point of impact.