What Are the Snowiest Cities in the World?


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The top three snowiest cities in the world, which are all located in Japan, are Aomori, Sapporo and Toyama, respectively. In Aomori, the average snowfall amount is 312 inches, and Sapporo has an average of 191 inches of snow. Toyama receives an average of 143 inches.

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On a list of the top 10 snowiest places in the world, Akito, another city in Japan, is eighth place with 109 inches. In the United States, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse are the three snowiest cities, with average snowfalls of 95, 99 and 124 inches, respectively.

Canada also has three cities on this list, including Quebec City, Saquenay and St. John's. St John's is the fourth snowiest city, receiving an average snowfall of 134 inches.

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